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Spicy hot pot of chongqing - a fire in the mountain city

Date: 2014-11-03

Of chongqing is known as "hot pot".Spicy hot pot originated in chongqing jiangbei across the river.Then pick burden workers buy buffalo internal organs, after washing, the liver and stomach cut into small pieces, bear head is equipped with a stove, a ocean set on the holding, divided into multiple, filled a ZhongMa marinades, spicy, salty, communicating to sell the dockers.23 years of the republic of China of chongqing city appears a spicy hot pot, just changed points, holding as small red copper pot, marinades, dipping sauce modulation by the guests themselves.Chongqing hot pot is given priority to with spicy, taste, more exquisite taste, pay attention to the use of soup.
Allegedly about qing daoguang years, chongqing's banquet started to MAO belly hotpot.The Anti-Japanese War period, chongqing hot pot restaurant have larger development, streets times open hotpot restaurant, in the thirties, chongqing LuShi couple started the 35 chafing dish, then there is the famous dragon garden, garden, 141, pocket, bridge, etc. Hot-pot restaurant not drunk.On this basis, the evolution of modern chongqing hot pot.