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Chongqing has characteristics of China's top ten leisure city (list)

Date: 2014-10-31

BBS of leisure development 2014 China (international), with "leisure and new city development" as the theme, from the national development strategy, urban construction, industry and personal experience, such as Angle of view, discusses the Chinese urban development and the development of leisure industry benign interactive path, trying to open up a Chinese leisure industry development beautiful, science, thriving new roads.
It is reported that "China top ten leisure city" with the criteria include: urban economic level, the leisure environment, leisure facilities, leisure culture, leisure concept, a total of five big aspects, 12 secondary indicators and 46 tertiary indicators.All entrant must pass the nominations, network voting, special investigation, expert appraisal appraisal result four links.
Agree that the organizing committee of the selection of chongqing has a three thousand - year - old tourist resources, as well as mountain, water, forest, springs and waterfalls, gorge, hole, etc. As one of the magnificent natural landscape, and with molten ba-yu culture, national culture, immigration culture, three gorges culture, capital culture, urban culture in a batch of rich cultural landscape;The natural beauty and unique culture, created the mountain city chongqing unique leisure.The organizing committee to the chongqing awarded honorary certificates and "2014 China top ten leisure city" with MEDALS.
In recent years, chongqing national 5 a-class tourist scenic area increased from 2010 years ago of two to six;Existing national 4 a level scenic spots, 49, 62 3 a grade scenic spot, and has built a number of characteristics of leisure tourism brand, is now in the accelerating construction of tourist resort.According to the chongqing tourism administration, the next step will be to the chongqing won the "2014 China top ten characteristics of leisure city" as the guide, one of the focus of the media continue to solid ground to do a good job of the city's tourism promotion.