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Chongqing picking kiwi place: video red Yang kiwi fruit is ripe

Date: 2014-09-22

Video Jiang Chi town, the town of BaoLuan red Yang kiwi fruit is ripe, hurry to taste!Pro, red Yang yangtao belong to senior nutrition health fruit, the flesh delicate, rich smell, very low acidity, "magic delicious fruit", "the king of fruit", "the king of vitamin C, such as reputation, especially for first fruit of calcium, and can be directly absorbed by the body, is the middle-aged and old filling calcium.
The Chinese red Yang kiwi fruit, brown, green fruit surface smooth and glabrous, the central red fruit, tender flesh, special flavor is sweet and tasty, the market price of 120 yuan per kilogram.In recent years, video, with the Chinese red Yang kiwi fruit growing as an important industry to grasp.Every September to October, fresh fruit into good catch, fruit is not mature, has been ordered in advance.