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Chongqing to carry out a number of major projects makes "durable" "nice" city planning

Date: 2014-07-16

Around the total deepen the results of the implementation of the rules, our city this year to carry out a batch of major projects planning, focus on urban areas function layout, traffic, and urban form, historical context, has now formed a relatively mature achievements - this is the reporter from the recently held by the municipal party committee organization department, municipal party committee party school learn lecture hall "weekend".
This lecture hall "weekend" by the municipal planning bureau, party secretary, director of guang-hui cao be titled "practically improving planning consciousness, give play to the role of planning guide" in the report.According to the report, around five function area development strategy, since last year, the city of urban and rural general rules in the national center for urban functions, improve the regional urban system and so on six aspects has carried on the deepening, and around always deepen the results of the implementation of the rules, our city this year and carry out the function of metropolitan area overall planning, metro areas major facilities layout planning, urban comprehensive transportation planning evaluation and optimization, metropolitan area, beautiful scenery of city planning, urban areas such as historical and cultural heritage protection and utilization planning of five major projects planning, plan meticulously designed to "durable" "good" in the city.
Among them "durable", metropolitan area land for major functional facilities layout planning, metro areas, comprehensive transportation planning, evaluation and optimization of two planning based on chongqing as a national center city function and the demand of the positioning, in 2020 after a long-term research and development of logistics, trade, science and education, sports cultural exchanges, business financial function, as well as major infrastructure projects to advance more city, traffic location and precontrol development space;Assessment for the urban traffic system, the ability to predict the traffic demand, proposed metropolitan area comprehensive traffic development objectives, strategies, clear and metro areas coordinated urban and rural spatial layout of comprehensive transportation system, and carrying out to each area, to fulfill the requirements of planning and control management.
In terms of "good", beautiful scenery city, zhuhai started the urban metro areas, historical and cultural heritage protection and utilization of two planning, emphatically from the mountains, water, green is three aspects clear background, drawing a blue line and green line and the urban growth boundary, tandem mountain, water, green land system, from mountain block block water to be obvious, and transformed the landscape into cities;Comprehensive mining metro areas in the department at the same time, the planning according to the historical heritage and can take an examination of the historical sites, tease out clear historical and cultural context, delimit the core area and the construction control area, planning and control guide request, occurrences, in line with face to point, systematically reveal the historical context, living condition of historical heritage.
It is reported that next year the city will continue to push forward on the basis of this year a number of major projects planning, including the northeast of chongqing city cluster and the overall plan for the city cluster of the southeast of chongqing, 2015-2020, the recent construction plan and some strong timeliness and pertinence of special planning.